"the universe is wider than our views of it"

Branches and Streams

Walden: Life in the Woods is a radical western re-imagining of Thoreau’s classic.

The word “radical” derives from “root” and we believe our movie engages with the essence of Thoreau’s work. From its initial conception, the project has always been more than just 90 minutes of film. Just as Thoreau’s finished work is born from his process and experience, we understand the making of Walden as intricately connected to the finished film. We believe that with Walden there is no "behind the scenes" per se, as the journey towards the final film will be infused with what happens along the way.

Henry David Thoreau set out to document his experiences; in a similar vein, we believe that the documentation of our process informs every artistic choice we make. As Thoreau contemplated new modes of living, we want to consider new methods of crafting a film—and we already have felt how the film shapes us as much as we shape it.

Even though principle photography is limited to a mere five weeks, the gestation of this film has long since begun. From inspiration to emancipation - the process has been incubating and gathering momentum, developing its own ancillary stories along the way.

VISIONS provides a chance to follow these inlets, streams, and tributaries. We see them not as side explorations but as inherent to the soul of the project. By the time the film enters production, these notions and impulses and individuals and communities and stories will have infused the film with energy, providing the shimmering ripples of our Walden pond. Our "behind the scenes" is the scene itself.