"We have built for this world a family mansion, and for the next a family tomb. the best works of art are the expression of man's struggle to free himself from this condition."

Henry David Thoreau did not care for many things:

the urbane, the gratuitous, the highfalutin.

He also didn’t care for parties.

And though we appreciate the reasons for his aversion, we’re going to throw him a party anyway.

A big one...

For almost 10 years, WALDEN: LIFE IN THE WOODS has been in the making. Now, finally, with preproduction well underway, we are set to begin principal photography in the summer of 2016.  

Next year is 2017

right at the time our film will be released, an important American milestone will be celebrated: 

Henry David Thoreau

 The writer who is read by nearly every American schoolchild

who helped inspire our modern conservation and environmental movements

who proved yet again that art can have real social and political impact

Is turning 200 years old.

Coinciding with The global consensus to combat climate change it’ll be a time in our minds and in the media to remember the forebears of the movement.


From the very beginning we knew that the themes we would explore in the movie had to be reflected in our process of making it.

Our making process respects the wild, empowers the local, and galvanizes a collective aspiration for the deliberate life.


The party has started. You’re invited.